What Does She Do?

 2014 Academy of Western Artists Female Performer of the Year      
2013 Western Music Association Cowboy Swing Album of the Year for "Let Me Ride"
2012 Western Music Association Crescendo Award
2011 Kamloops, British Columbia Rising Star Award
2012 Female Yodeler of the Year

2011 Western Music Association Janet McBride Yodeling Award

Kristyn Harris, 19, of Collin County Texas, is the Academy of Western Artists 2014 Western Female Performer of the Year. Her heart lies in cowboy and western swing music, inspired by her ranch life as well as music of classic and contemporary western icons.  Kristyn is noted for her singing, songwriting, swing rhythm guitar style, and yodeling (named the WMA Female Yodeler of the Year in 2012). You can also find her thumping the upright bass from time to time.

Along with her passion for playing western music and entertaining, Kristyn is a horseperson to the core, which her music reflects. She spent several years in 4H and has always had a love and dedication to the land. In addition to the Quarter Horse she owns, she has adopted and trained two wild mustangs, which continue to be a source of inspiration for her music.

Kristyn was the winner of the 2013 Cowboy Swing Album of the Year and the 2012 Crescendo Award from the Western Music Association.
She has performed on national television as part of RFD-TV’s “The Penny Gilley Show” and “The Shotgun Red Variety Show”; on Nickelodeon’s popular game show, “Figure It Out”; and featured in multiple western documentaries. She also appears at venues local and across the United States, sometimes beyond. Kristyn's love and enjoyment of the music she performs is evident and contagious. She brings to the stage a warm, genuine, and energetic personality, and never fails to gallop into the hearts of her audiences.
       Email: kristyn@kristynharris.com              
Phone: 214-901-6391       

"This bundle of energy and talent is 'the rage' on stage from the east coast to the west and if you can stay seated when she finishes her performance you're prob'ly 'bout ready for the grave!!" - Arizona Cowboy Gathering, venue

"Folks, this tea-cup-sized little gal will blow your barn doors clean off with her magnificent vocals and yodel!!! And.....what you see is what you get...pure honest-to-goodness GOODNESS...through-n-through." - Susie Knight, 2014 AWA Female Poet of the Year

"Your voice is incredible! You sing a story as if you were right there looking at it." - Brittany Miller

"A true breath of fresh air with a timeless voice." - stars2come.com

"She could sing the phone book and it would sound like a symphony." - Stanton Howe, DeeJay

"You cannot find a more honest, pure, singing talent than Kristyn Harris. She plays a mean guitar to boot! Makes a Promise, keeps a Promise. She will surprise everyone with that first note. She does not need a band or a microphone! Singing around the campfire is my favorite way to listen to her sing, but she can rock the house down for a large crowd also."  - Teri Gordon, event producer

"A powerful and shimmering voice..."
- Devon Dawson, 2009 AWA Female Performer of the Year, Wrangler Award winner with "Miss Devon and the Outlaw"

"Your beautiful voice has the warmth and power of Texas sunshine." - Charles Marie

"Kristyn is a true talent!!!"  - Shelby Eicher, The Tulsa Playboys

"Kristyn's voice is that of angels with a healthy dose of yodel awesomeness!!!!" - Jerilyn Caldwell, event producer

"Now there’s one dynamo of a performer! She’s the real deal!"
"Your performance on this album ["Let Me Ride"] is incredible!"   - Tumbleweed Rob/Rob Wolfskill
"What a voice..." - Mike Fleming, venue operator and band member of New West

"Once in a great while I see a performer in Western Music who knocks my socks off. And once in an even greater while, I will have the privilege of watching a performer come onto the scene, gun (or guitar) a-blazin' and put the hard work, energy, and dedication into their already outstanding level of talent to become a top notch performer that I'm proud to endorse. Kristyn Harris is the real deal: genuinely musical, with a style all her own, and the spunk and drive to ride the Western Swing/Western Music pony all the way to the finish. This is a talented young lady, to be sure, and just as important, she represents what is good, honest, wholesome, and fun about the music of the West while keeping her own identity, and her own sound. Heck, I'd put my money on Kristyn Harris to be the performer who brings a whole new audience to Western Music and Western Swing."
      - Juni Fisher, 2011 Entertainer of the Year, 2006, 2009, 2011 Female Performer of the Year, 2008 Wrangler Award Winner

"Kristyn Harris is a bundle of delightful energy, surpassed only by her tremendous talent. A natural entertainer, and simply a precious young woman, Kristyn is a joy to be around, onstage or off!"
      - Belinda Gail, 7 time Western Music Association Female Performer of the Year, 2 time Academy of Western Artists Female Vocalist, time Group/Duo of the Year with Curly Musgrave and Album of the Year 

"With Kristyn, what you see is what you get, and what you get is an extremely talented young lady with a passion for her music and the skills to pull it off. She has a deep respect for her musical roots while contributing a fresh new voice - and she can SWING."
      -Carolyn Martin, Texas Western Swing Hall of Fame Inductee, 2-time AWA Western Swing Female Vocalist

"Because of my years of experience as a Cowboy Poet, I have been invited to perform at nearly every major western entertainment venue in the United States and Canada. I have seen and heard nearly every western singer and poet perform in the field, and I can honestly say that Kristyn Harris is one of the most talented and exciting entertainers I have ever witnessed. She receives standing ovations nearly every time she performs, and deserves every one of them. What is special about this young lady is the fact that she has no ego and is one of the nicest persons in the Western Entertainment business."
      -Yvonne Hollenbeck, 4-time WMA* Female Poet of the Year and AWA* award winner

Kristyn is the fresh new face of western music. Not only is she already an accomplished singer and guitarist, she is also a fine horsewoman. Kristyn, I am so proud of you!
      -Jean Prescott, multiple award winner

"Kristyn throws down on my adaptation of the old Geoff Mack song, "I've Been Everywhere"... I was clutching my chest and gasping for air just WATCHING her on those last two verses...!!!"   - Brian Burns, Texas singer/songerwriter, commenting on Kristyn's performance of "I've Been Everywhere (in Texas)"

"Her energy, zest for life, smile, and talent are as big and wide as "Texas with T!" I've got the "Kristyn Harris Fever!" How about you??"
      -Bobbi Jean Bell, "OutWest Concert Series" venue operator 

"Kristyn is one of the hardest working young people in the business....she is polished and professional in her presentation, way beyond her years. A lot of adults could learn from watching her prepare and present her unique brand of cowgirl swing music! I'm so proud of her!
And she has a wonderful attitude. What a great young role model Kristyn is." 
 - Juni Fisher, WMA Entertainer of the Year, 3- time Female Performer of the Year and True West's Best Solo Western Musician 2011/2012, and first female awarded the Western Heritage Wrangler Award

"Jewel of the West" - Les Buffham

"Girl of the thousand chords" - Daron Little, AWA Male Vocalist

"The Sweetheart of the Sage"    - Mark Ivey, DeeJay

CD review of "Let Me Ride" by The Western Way magazine:

"Now finally comes the proper showcase for one of Western Music’s brightest young talents. Now, not only in performance but in recorded performance, Kristyn Harris has arrived! This is due in no small part to the able producing talents of Rich O’Brien and Aarom Meador.
The tracks are annotated in the liner notes and provide nicely danceable variety. Harris does a fine job on the classics such as Autry & Whitley’s “Let Me Ride Down in Rocky Canyon,” the Fiorito/von Tilzer/McPherson standard “Roll Along Prairie Moon” and worthy lesser known songs as well. There are modern favorites like Chuck Pyle’s “Endless Sky” and originals that fare very well beside them all (“What a Horse Has Gotta Do” and the McBride/Dawson/Harris goodie “Yodel Western Swing”).
It seems “Let Me Ride is both an apt CD title and a personal request this time around, and with solid trail markers, they have let her do just that! It’s top drawer!"

WMA - Western Music Association
AWA - Academy of Western Artists