Texas-bred musical powerhouse, KRISTYN HARRIS, is noted for her shimmering vocals, solid swing rhythm guitar style, unique songwriting, award winning yodel, and captivating stage presence. In 2014 she became the youngest person in history to be awarded Western Music Association Female Performer of the Year, and in 2013 was also named Academy of Western Artists Female Vocalist of the Year. Her singing has been praised as "timeless" with "the warmth and power of Texas sunshine". 
Though not raised in a musical household, the now-21-year-old began playing and singing at age 14, when she felt a strongly inspired urge to pick up guitar. This was her initiation into what turned out to be an instant and enduring passion - and the guitar has rarely left her hands since.
For the sheer joy of it, she launched into a headlong pursuit of music, falling especially in love with the swing chordsmanship, entrancing melodies, ranching themes and vintage arrangements that are the cornerstones in western swing and cowboy music repertoires (later, throwing in additional bits of country, 1940s big band, gypsy jazz, and traditional folk song influences to her music, and also building a gospel repertoire). Somewhere along the way it became her career path.

From the beginning, Kristyn's musical career fell hand in hand with another passion: training horses. As a shy teenager, she practiced singing while horseback or milking cows, and spent several years in 4H cultivating her love of land and livestock, with emphasis on horses. This facet of her life commonly seeps its way into her songs and shows. You can still find her combining these passions, too, when she rides into rodeo arenas on her once-wild mustang to sing the Star Spangled Banner.

       In June of 2015 Kristyn released her 3rd solo album, "Down the Trail", which was presented with the Rural Roots Music Commission Pure Country & Western CD of the Year a few months later. Also in 2015, she became the Cowtown Society of Western Swing Rising Star of the Year. She has received the 2013 Cowboy Swing Album of the Year for “Let Me Ride”, the 2012 Crescendo Award and 2012 Female Yodeler of the Year from the Western Music Association.  National television appearances include RFD-TV’s “The Penny Gilley Show”, “The Shotgun Red Variety Show”, and Nickelodeon’s popular game show, “Figure It Out”. She has been featured in multiple western documentaries, including a film that aired throughout 4 European countries in 2014. 

Kristyn brings a fresh flavor and a new life to an old but enduring genre. She is packaged with an energetic and genuine style that makes her love of what she does evident and contagious. Keeping a heavy and widespread tour schedule, she frequently performs both as a solo act and with larger ensembles.
As one venue put it:
"This bundle of energy and talent is 'the rage' on stage from the east coast to the west and if you can stay seated when she finishes her performance you're prob'ly 'bout ready for the grave!!"


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2014 Western Music Association Female Performer of the Year
2015 Rural Roots Music Commission "Pure Country & Western CD of the Year" for "Down The Trail"
2015 Cowtown Society of Western Swing Rising Star of the Year
2013 Academy of Western Artists Female Performer of the Year
2013 Western Music Association Cowboy Swing Album of the Year for "Let Me Ride"
2012 Western Music Association Crescendo Award
2012 Western Music Association Female Yodeler of the Year

2011 Kamloops, British Columbia Rising Star Award
2011 Western Music Association Janet McBride Yodeling Award 

Instagram: @kristyn_harris

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