"Home Again"

(after 28 shows in the last 30 days, 4 states and 1 foreign country....)

Carefree, intermittent tail swishing. One horse standing at a comradely nearness, eyes closed in a 3 legged stance, contentedly soaking the morning sun into his coat and head cocked to create a perfectly backlit outline of his shaggy chin hairs, viewed from my angle.
Cat rolling euphorically in the dirt, never straying too far from the spot he knows I'm perched...perched in my pjs, upon the cement block neighboring the water trough. A spot of happy childhood memory, as it was once the cow milking station where I found myself each morning for daily chores, usually crooning or belting or yodeling...
This morning though, just perched; while I, like horse and cat, accept full enjoyment from the autumnish morning and the sun rays' beautifully catatonic effect. The light and warmth, the companions, the memories and the smells, all triggering happy endorphins.

A few yards distant - alpha mare, the last to clean up the breakfast hay morsels; rhythmically and audibly chewing, until she steps over to the water trough, eventually raising up a dripping muzzle that puddles its flow directly onto my bare feet.
The water temperature is daze awakening worthy, but not at all disturbing of the lovely moment for me...rather, an addition to it.

Not willing to part with this sweet morning hour, and deciding the best photographs are taken with my mind, I turn my phone face down. Welcome home to me.

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